NCDFCU considers it a wonderful privilege to partner with its membership to provide access to credit. While many options abound in today’s financial market, we are confident that our lending solutions are the best our members can receive. Review the following loan products to identify the one that best suits your needs and submit your application online to get the process started!

**For any loan product, a savings requirement may be necessary if certain underwriting criteria is not met.

Credit Builder / Credit Repair Loan

No Credit? Poor Credit? No Problem.
With this loan, your credit score will not be considered during underwriting. It is just a simple short-term loan maxed at $500 to help you establish or rebuild your credit.

Appliance Loan

When it’s time to replace your fridge or washing machine, don’t swipe your credit card just yet. Let us finance the purchase for you. This loan does not charge an application fee for standard terms of 18 months and maximum amount of $2,000.


The flexibility to run a few errands at your convenience or getting to work on time can make all the difference in the world. We most likely can out do the terms that many car dealerships would offer you on a vehicle that is a maximum of 5 years old. So, reach out to us first!


Sometimes, it’s just personal. We get it. This loan allows you to borrow up to $10,000 for 5 years to take care of some personal needs.


A secured loan allows you to take advantage of the most favorable interest rate because the funds to be borrowed are on hold in your account with us. There is no limit on how much you can borrow via this loan product.

Debt Consolidation

To build a strong financial future, your level of debt has to be brought under control. It may seem impossible to do that paying so many bills every month– especially if the interest rate on some of your debt is predatory. We can help. Through this debt consolidation loan, we can work with you to consolidate up to $25,000 in debt to put you on a path to a better financial future. This loan product must include paying off a vehicle loan, if more than $10,000. Additionally, financial counseling and budgeting is required for this loan.

Line of Credit

For our premiere member, this line of credit will allow you to access up to $5,000 on a revolving basis. A premiere member has a minimum of 2 years in account history with no returned items fees amongst other factors.